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We are a Chilean company committed to creating healthy and delicious foods from the highest quality nuts (only 1 ingredient).

The term "Trasandina" lacks a specific etymology in English. In Spanish, it combines "tras-" (meaning "behind" or "beyond") with "andina" (related to the Andes mountains in South America). And that is because the founder and her family started this business in Argentina and this year they moved back to their homeland, Chile.

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Who is Paula Estefanía?

Did you notice the signature in our logo? Meet Paula Estefanía, the founder of Trasandina. She's a healthcare professional with an International Master Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, specializing in Plant-Based Nutrition.

She knows very well the benefits of eating healthy and that is why her vision is to create a brand that includes lightly processed plant-based products that contribute to improving people's habits and health.

She, along with her younger sister Constanza, do everything in this venture: from design (we use AI a lot!), packaging, shipping, managing and creating content for social media and the website, to keeping the company's accounting. Sometimes that gets very tiring, so they need to raise funds to hire more people and grow the business.

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Your donation will not only help us expand our production and reach new markets in Chile but also contributes to our mission of promoting healthy eating and sustainability to transform the food industry and make the world a better place.

Together, we can make a difference.

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